Friday, July 27, 2007

the terrace in July

close up of "Ram's head" urn

"early girl" tomato

our new urns filled with petunias

the side garden by the garage

1 of the 4 Stewartia trees

"dancing children"

"Heavenly perfume" shrub roses

7/24/07 3pm

I just came in from a walk through the garden with the boys, Ced and Wes love it here. We so wish that Austen and Emmy could have been here too... they would have loved this place and all the peacefulness but we're sure Heaven is more beautiful.

Our garden is growing. We have a variety of perennials now and several roses, 30 or more so far! Our Summer has been quite warm although last week it rained off and on for 5 days, it took a toll on all the geraniums. Rain in July is rare, the rain made record status.

We, for the first time, have had swimmers in Willoughby Pond (our pond's new name because of the two willows next to it)! They loved it. First were the R and S kids and the 2nd were our own grand kids, they didn't want to come out! : )

We also now have around 200 Rainbow trout. Having the trout has attracted a lot of wildlife, Eagle, Blue Heron, Osprey to name a few.

I was blessed one morning with the watching a Mallard and her 10 ducklings feeding at the pond but on a sadder note, Maude our resident duck was killed. We found her feathers scattered by the pond one day and I think because of that we haven't seen many water fowl lately.

Having a well has been a God send! Watering 4 acres would be financially impossible.

I'm really looking forward to Alan's time off coming up. He'll be taking off several days in August to concentrate on our garden. We are attempting to do the landscaping ourselves, that will be a real learning process!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our new blog:
"Seasons at the Woodlands"
Summer time! Looking up through the Hornbeam tree branches and leaves.

We've started a new blog! This one is all about the different Seasons here at the Woodlands.

Watch with us as our garden grows and as the Seasons come and go...
Laurie and Alan