Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Late August 2010
in the evening

I am amazed at all the growth! This will be the 3 year mark and goodness it shows!

We are now working with a new gardener, Bearcreek Landscaping and have someone who will actually mow our 3 acres. It was pretty hard to find someone at reasonable prices. Bearcreek mows, edges, prunes, fertilizes, sprays weeds, blows, rakes, and weeds the beds all for a flat rate. That's pretty good.

I'm looking out of the library window and everything is so beautiful! The way the sun covers the garden at this time of year brings out another kind of beauty in the plants, almost as if it were twilight but it's 11:25 am!

It is really exciting to see our garden grow. Alan and I love gardening so much that to actually "see" it take shape in such a short amount of time is very gratifying indeed!

Stay tuned!