Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Late Summer, August 21st

Autumn color already at the Woodlands...

The beggining of a new bed.
Yep, the start of a new perennial border. Talk about back breaking work! I couldn't even move that wheelbarrow because of the weight of the wet sod so Alan is moving it for me tonight and I can fill it again for him to dump...
We planted more shrubbery and perennials last Sunday (see middle picture). One of the plants we planted was a beautiful Holly bush. I LOVE Holly because it reminds me of Christmas time. Alan was out in our woods last Autumn and found 3 large Holly trees and came in and told me about them, he took me to them a little later. We will be gathering holly boughs to decorate with for Christmas this year, cool!
In a few weeks Alpine will start landscaping the front of our property near the street, we're so anxious. We are having them plant several flowering Plum trees the length of the front. Hydrangea's will be planted below them. Ground cover will flank the whole length too. Irrigation is also planned.
More pictures to come!

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