Monday, September 10, 2007

Early September, 2007

-an evening walk through our Garden

This video was taken before Alpine started Phase 3. I wanted to tape the garden as it looks today and compare it in the years to come. We, Alan and I planted a lot of the plants this Summer, specifically the Perennials, several bushes and a few trees. Alpine starts on Wednesday now, not Tuesday. They will be here for 2 weeks as they scrape, hall in top soil, lay irrigation, plant and clean up the property. Phase 4 will be started in the Spring.

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Kristen said...

Your garden is wonderful, Laurie! I thoroughly enjoyed this virtual tour. You're right--it will be fun to have this footage to compare to all of the beautiful growth that will take place in the years to come. I bet you are enjoying your new home and gardens so much! What a thrilling and satisfying, and grand project. It was great to see you yesterday! Love, Kristen